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to achieve Growth using intelligent Analytics


Empowering Companies Do More With Less

Where's Profitability

Discover the profitability and net-revenues brought by products, marketing, customer, region and more

What's Selling

Identify which of your products are most lucrative, which are gathering dust on shelves and which are getting returned the most

Who's Buying 

Find out your high spenders, identify your loyal customers and the ones who costs the most. 


Gain a clear real time vision of the consumer journey stages, trigger points, behaviours and patterns- all reverse engineered at the SKU level


Real time execution and measurement of the most lucrative recommendations, now integrated to your CDPs, CRMS and Marketing Automation platform


Identify trends and patterns way before the competitors to uncover opportunities across the business units - from NPD, new marketing campaigns, M&A and more


How We Help  E-Commerce Companies

Variety of innovative and comprehensive solutions in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence domains.

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Unified Reporting

We help companies translate their excessive data from multiple datasources into actionable insights from a single data source which also acts as a single source of truth for any information


Our real time dashboards and visuals that connects multiple data points within the business to represent key metrics required by the businesses 


Predictive Analysis

It's great to know what is happening in the business at any given time; but we believe the key to success is knowing what is going to happen and when it is going to happen. Our predictive analysis solution answers some of the key questions that helps organisations achieve targets

Data Services

Own your data warehouse solution hosted in Cloud. Dive deeper into data and unveil the hidden data to make informed decision


Digital Infrastructure Transformation

Transform your IT infrastructure from legacy to advance digital IT infrastructure to meet the challenges and functionality required for cutting edge solutions. With our 100% automation approach and following DevOps best practices, release new features and solution quickly without compromising on quality.


About Us

Divaaco is built upon a foundation of utilising high-performance team members and delivering value via cloud solutions.


It is our mission to help you augment your human workforce with automation tools to assist organisational growth. Your budget can stretch up to 3x further as opposed to manual delivery!

We help companies to greatly amplify their activities with less human effort. 


Our solutions expand the capability of your workforce, without having to hire more people.


This allows young companies to focus on bringing in more revenue, while having lower overheads at a critical stage in their development.


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