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SaaS - Infrastructure Automation

Client Profile:
One of the leading SaaS based Cloud Security Start-up, backed up by venture capital.

Client Requirements:
Key requirement from the customer was to automate the infrastructure and application deployment process to save valuable time during the development lifecycle and also costs while running POCs

Customer was reliant on a manual process to deploy infrastructure and application and lost valuable times (man hours) while running manual steps and investigating any issues during deployments

Divaaco’s Approach
Divaaco DevOps Consultants engineered a solution that involved automating the deployment process for infrastructure and application both. A robust and resilient solution was developed and then deployed on the AWS that resulted in the entire environment being built, configured, and if required, destroyed by running a single Jenkins job.

Deployed solution enabled the customer to achieve very complex implementation of infrastructure and application (e.g dynamic VPC peering, dynamic IP allocation and maintenance etc) by a simple click of a button

As a start-up the application was in a constant state of development and requirements for infrastructure were changing constantly. A modular approach for the infrastructure and application was developed so that both can work independently and can be updated as and when required

By utilizing best in class service offerings and custom development, we ensured that we deliver a solution that not only meets customer requirements but exceeds the expectations.

AWS, GCP, Docker, EKS, Kafka, RDS, ElasticSearch, Terraform, Jenkins, Git

Benefits to Customer

  • Massive cost savings in terms of man hour

  • Cost optimization by destroying the environment when not needed

  • Faster deployments

  • Reduce bugs and errors

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