Predictive Analytics

Overlapping Triangles

Data Analytics enables brands and website owners to understand how their sites and apps are being found and used. Companies can optimise the customer experience on their websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps, as well as optimising their marketing ROI, content offerings, and overall business performance. 


Data analytics is a set of business and technical activities that define, create, collect, verify or transform data into reporting, research, analyses, recommendations, optimizations, predictions, and automations


Analytics Offerings

Sales Analytics

Get the right information at the right time to make Right Decisions. Data Analytics can provide organisations all the necessary data for effective decision making

Customer Analytics

Data can provide organisations with the real-time visibility of operations that they need in order to address operational inefficiency.

Product Analytics

Gain advantage against your competitors by understand intended market in finer details with the help of real-time data analytics solution

Forecasting and Trend Analysis

Near real-time insights are key for identifying and responding to the opportunities before it's too late


Team Meeting

Why Analytics with Divaaco

Rounded Approach

We offer end to end solutions to our customers. We start with understanding the requirements and rational behind the project and then take it post-production phase

Global Team

We have implemented the "Follow the Sun Approach" in our teams and with remote first culture our teams are spread all over the globe

Business Partners

We see ourselves as business partners to our customers meaning we grow as they grow. This helps us to implement solutions that the project requires at the right time

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