eCommerce - Business Intelligence

Client Profile:
An eCommerce startup in an emerging and challenging market with multiple revenue stream and geographical locations

Client's Challenges:
With multiple revenue streams, customer was struggling to get the true picture of the business performance at any given point of time. With over reliance on an individual resources to manually extract the information from a number of tools and then corelate it to provide an overview was proving to be difficult, error prone and time consuming.


Client's Requirement:

Client wanted to have a streamline process of corelating and presenting the data from different data sources in a cost effective manner. This will enable customer to have a near real time information about the business and to analyse and expand the revenue streams

Divaaco’s Approach 
Team Divaaco engineered a solution that involved automating the data gathering process by developing custom ETL solution to Extract, Transform and Load the data into a centralised Data Storage and then using the BI tool to generate the required reports and dashboards for the customer's team to consume.

Being a start-up; one of the key factor for the customer wsa the cost of the new solution, which had to be kept at the miminal level. Team Divaaco engineered a solution utilising AWS Lambda for running ETLs, AWS RDS and CloudWatch to develop and operate the solution in most cost optimized manner.

AWS, AWS RDS, Lambda,

Benefits to Customer

  • Unified reporting

  • Faster delivery of insights

  • Improved decision making

  • Cost effective solution