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eCommerce - Analytics

Client Profile:
One of the leading D2C in E-Commerce agencies in UK with more than 1000 number of transactions per day. Running multiple complex e-commerce sites for a number of high-profile brands in multiple regions and languages

Client Requirements:
Customer reliance on running manual excel reports for all of the Business Intelligence made it hard to keep up with demand. They needed automation as well as improved BI reporting and employee efficiency

The manual reporting for Business Intelligence was hampering the availability and reliability of the insights.
On average customer was losing 3-man days per week to manual data gathering and Business Intelligence Report Generation

Divaaco’s Approach 
Team Divaaco engineered a solution that involved automating the data gathering process by harnessing the functionality of a 3rd Party ETL tool where applicable and also developing custom ETL tools for a very complex and challenging CRM solutions API. Once the data is gathered then the “Power BI” is used to represent the Business Intelligence insights in different reports and dashboards.

Gathered data is kept in a secure AWS SaaS Database service for reliability, security and performance optimization

Existing models for the Business Intelligence reports were not consistent across the organization and a lot of manual steps were required to generate a single report, hence an automated solution was required to gather data generate Business Intelligence Insights
By utilizing best in class service offerings and custom development, we ensured that we deliver a solution that not only meets customer requirements but exceeds the expectations.

AWS, AWS Aurora, AWS RedShift, Terraform, Lambda, StitchData

Benefits to Customer

  • Exponential cost savings in terms of man days

  • Faster delivery of insights

  • Improved decision making

  • Consistency across the reporting layer

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