Make better decisions through ecommerce reporting

The whole idea behind ecommerce reporting is to build reports that showcase your company’s data, but this is worthless if you spend so much time building your report that there isn’t a second left to actually act on your data and orient your marketing strategy accordingly.


Gather your data in a single dashboard

Make your data look good

Unify sales data from all your channels into a single dashboard, so you can grasp at a glance how your ecommerce strategy is performing in a real time.

Nobody likes a cold, impersonal dashboard that can’t be deciphered without a magnifying glass. This is the reason why our dashboards aren’t just a time-saving wonder; they are easy to understand AND look amazing!

Customize your  Dashboard

No two clients have the exact same needs when it comes to reporting. We totally understands this and that's why our consultants work with the customer to deliver highly customized and tailor made dashboards as per customer wishes